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I made fuzzy monsters for the give and take thread before it closes

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someone sent me a blue koaf pan during scav,

thankyou ever so much to whoever you are, I quickly made this snoofly-faced koaf-beast to submit with it.

Its a koaf pixie alien,

edit: made it 2 buddies

they fight crime



Looking for a Beebee Rock Custom Crystal pair to breed; offering up to 5gp in fees.

- Rose

I have this one:

she has no fee or rules, psd has been sent in

Source: roseofmidnights

a video of the duckling in the kitchen

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Hello! I’ve been making quick little melos for fun and made a shop for distributing them here:

top 6 were sold earlier, and the bottom 3 are for sale now

currently being sold for BP, I will be bobbing back and forth between selling different batches for GP or BP.


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updating this post as i go

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 making silly faces

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made monsters between nattering



I’m doing the tumbly ad for my scav team,

5P[M] are looking for 2 more team members to add to our merry crew, We placed 4th place last year through some miracle and maybe some work went in. I cant remember much from that week it was a haze.

We have a application form to fill out and Giraki will contact tell you if you are on the team by tomorrow as we are going to shut the doors then, and you will be locked in with us and we are going to have a lovely party and I’m really good at pin the tail on the donkey.


link to party zone: